Otter OTA

Otter OTA helps you deploy your iOS enterprise apps via dropbox. HTTPS must be used to deliver your .plist file to iOS client devices, a simple way to do this is to host your files on dropbox.

Otter OTA will help you with this process.

Generate .plist
Build and upload your application IPA to dropbox, then enter the required details.
Upload .plist
Save the generated .plist file to dropbox.
Send your download link via email or use a generated landing page.

Step 1, Generate .plist

First, build your .ipa and upload it to dropbox or any other HTTP or HTTPS server.

Step 2, Upload .plist

Copy-paste the contents below to app.plist and upload it to dropbox or any HTTPS server.

Complete step 1.

Step 3, Distribute

It's important to note that if you move or rename any files on dropbox, you will be required to repeat the process to generate a new link.

However you can replace the .ipa file if it remains in the same location with the same name.

You can distribute your app via a direct link:

or you can copy this HTML snippet to your own landing page:

Complete step 2

or we can host a landing page for you:

Otter OTA

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